Saturday, April 15, 2006

Yes, I'm Still Alive - Update

Boy does time fly! I am back from vacation, where we spent some of the money we'd been saving. Myrtle Beach was beautiful. The water was cold, but everything else was wonderful.

I have maxed out my Roth IRA for 2005, which includes opening a new account with Fidelity. Everything for set up was relatively easy. Just had to speak to a customer service rep about which fund I wanted to open. I went with Contra.

I have also been trying my hand with Prosper. I currently have 6 loans out ($50 each). Like some others I have read about, I would like this to be a self-funding hobby. I plan to loan an additional $50 a month until I get there. I have one month in with prosper and 4 of the 6 loans have already paid their first payments. The other 2 should be paying by the end of next week. So far so good.

I will soon find a good balance between work and play and keep my Blog up.

Peace & Prosperity to All!


Blogger Single Ma said...

welcome back! i love myrtle beach. i used to live less than one hour away and go at least twice a year. i sure do miss it!

good luck on prosper, and yes please, update ya blog man! ;-)

3:47 PM  

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