Saturday, March 04, 2006

Hello Blog World!

I've finally done it! I took the plunge into blogdom. Been lerking around several sites over the past few months. Haven't made any posts, just looking at how others did it. I decided to create a place that I could share items that I find with others.

I intend to track my (our) net worth, so expect a lot of improvements as time goes by. I will also give much link love to all of those whom I have learned so much from. I will say it now, Thanks to you all for all that you do and the time you have spent compiling and sharing what you learn!

Link Love:

Boston Gal's Open Wallet - Currently my favorite finance blog

Consumerism Commentary - my first exposure to finance blog

MyMoneyBlog - If you want to know about free money look here!

Neo's Nest Egg - Another of my Fav's

SingleMom & Money - Gotta Give a Sista some Props!

You will have to check the side bar for more and forgive me for not posting more out, but in time if I can get this to function like I want, I think you all will be pleased!

Peace & Prosperity!


Blogger Flexo said...

Hi! Welcome to the blogosphere!

8:14 PM  

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