Saturday, March 04, 2006

Free Money

I mentioned in previous post "Free Money". I opened an HSBC account, which paid me $25 Bonus shortly after my initial deposit. I deposited $25, the min is a $1. At the time of opening , the interest rate was 4.25% (current 4.80%) which was higher than ING's 3.80% (currently 4.75, Winter Save up Promotion). I opened my ING account a couple years back. I love their interface and straight forward look. I am a creature of ease and working with HSBC seems tedious. We will see how the interest rate wars go, but I I will probably stick with ING. I owe a big "Thanks" to Jonathan at MyMoneyBlog!

I also opened a Sharebuilder account. Although it took a while (an extra 4 weeks), I finally received the $50 Bonus for opening account and purchasing stock. I would say it was relatively easy and painless effort, however I did experience a little technical difficulty with account set up. I don't know if I put my social in wrong or what, but now it is straight and I am $50 to the good! Thanks Neo! has peeked my interest. I will be doing some research to see if that is a venture I might be willing to take on, nothing like making the money you have work for you. If anyone has any suggestions/experience (I know it is still early) drop me a note. (I know this doesn't fall under the "Free Money" tense, but I just wanted some feedback.

If anyone is interested in some "Free Money" from ING send me an email with your first name, last name and email address.


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